You have changed a lot…Like nature has reborn..

COVID-19.. You are so cruel, prompt 9.
COVID-19..You are so cruel,
You have surrounded and
terrified mankind,
have attacked us with the touch
of death without warning.

You are killing everything,
be it life,happiness or economy..

Life is more troublesome than death.
You have snatched our happy
Fear alone rules the earth,it
freezes our minds,
and forces us to stay at home,
where safety is our first

We make up our minds to fight,
Wear masks,
Staying home to find a better future,
Because only if we're alive,
Life,the future,everything is possible.
Life becomes more precious.
Money or power is not important
in your eyes..

By creating fear,worry, 
loss of life and soul mates,
You brought our families
together to help each other..

Your presence keeps us at home,
Sharing ideas,learning new
It makes us feel good and
responsible towards the value
of family relationships.
Respect for the elderly,
concern for fellow creatures ..

Every single thing has changed
in your presence.
The air,land and water are
Nature has reborn.
You came as a wave of
realization ..

The word COVID 19 changes the
whole world..
Covid also taught us that
Changes are inevitable..

Kamala Belagur.

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