“Lighthouse,the Ray of Hope”

You are the Savior
Standing firmly,
beach statue,
Glowing in the dark,for the purpose,
A guiding light for all.
You are awesome..

In the darkness
between the waves of the
deep sea,
you stand day and night,
spreading light and happiness to others..

Leading everyone,
Not the destination.
Not a decision,
just one support
To the confused boat..

Witnessed many secrets and mysteries,
You are always open to the ocean..

your rays of hope lead the world,
From the darkness of
ignorance to the light of
You are the Savior..

Kamala Belagur.

27 thoughts on ““Lighthouse,the Ray of Hope”

  1. Just one support to the boat is a beautiful line! As you know Hindi, it’s said , डूबते को तिनके का सहारा! For that forlorn boat, lighthouse is the only support! You are a poetess par excellence!

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  2. I’m glad you like it my friend.. It’s true,whenever we are in trouble, a little help is enough..
    My heartfelt thanks for your kind comment .. I am honored.. Stay blessed with happiness,success and good health..🙏😊

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