Just live your life and prove them wrong..

Mistakes are just a
page of life.
If you recognize that
this fear of making
mistakes is just a
You can rewrite the new
chapter with full

Stressful thoughts,
worries and fears have
been living in every
human mind since the
dawn of time..

The feeling of
insecurity and fear can
hinder your path to

You must learn to
convert defeat into
Even after falling a
hundred times..

You should thank, the
griefs and sorrows you
shredded promises..

These things will help
you to fight.
you might be able to
shift from fear to
Just live your life and
prove them wrong..

Success is the ability
to bounce back from
failure and doubts..

Start climbing until
your dreams come true,
With faith in your

Kamala Belagur.

33 thoughts on “Just live your life and prove them wrong..

  1. Very positive and inspiring theme. Negative words like mistakes,fear,insecurity,worries ,fear etc are effectively counterbalanced with positive vibrations like confidence,success , faith and so on. Uplifting beat . I like the phrase” bounce back” the most 👌.

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