Eternal light is beyond our desires..

Writing Prompt Five
In the midst of the
darkness of the night,
we have many stars to
light up our path.
Sky smiles back at us.

Stars patiently express
their presence,
The moon wants to be
behind the cloud, 
amidst the glitter of
the stars.  
May be he wants the
deep darkness around

Light at night can be a
symbol of life on
meaning "the end of the

But darkness proclaims
and nurtures our true
We need darkness for
such moments to nourish
our spirit, our health,
And to protect the
health of our planet..

Yes, we need light on
our path,
we can walk only when
we have light.
Let's not obstruct that
light to satisfy our
selfish desires, 

The starry light of the
night sky disappears
under artificial light.
When we lose the night,
we lose everything.

If the 'stars are away'
from your artificial
that means disaster

The night sky is very
Pure and beautiful in
its own way
The path of the
celestial bodies should
not be diverted.

If an artificial light
could shine,
it's only for a while,
So my friends, please 
Be an eternal light ..

Kamala Belagur.

17 thoughts on “Eternal light is beyond our desires..

  1. Very good one👌. Thought-provoking. The moonlight is appreciated only in total darkness. Artificial light hampers natural lights(moons and stars). Let’s strive to shine as natural light, just as we are, for ever lest a disaster should befall. Let’s put aside selfishness and nourish our health and happiness. My favourite line is ” darkness…..our true wisdom”.

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