The light of hope

Writing Prompt Six
Life is stuck in the
Fear fights logic with
a regressive mindset.
Fear robs your precious

You are not alone
Hope for tomorrow's
blissful morning and
leave all the pain

When things don't go
according to your plan,
Follow the path of hope
Because life lives
among hope..

If there is a tunnel
there's always light
at the end.
No matter how dark
it is,
life shines again,
delivers you to
your destination..

In spite of pain and
Be the hero,
who never lets the
villain win.

With you in fear and
stress,there has to be
some love and hope,
to experience the
and vibrant world..

At the end of the day
though in the cage,
there is an expectation
with hope,
To fight and
To prove the strength.

The end of your journey
is in sight,
Always Look for the
light in the dark.
It's tough, hopeful
Stay tuned..

Life gives us hope.
Nothing is permanent,
It could be light or

What world do we live
in,Please, be kind to
This is our prayer..

21 thoughts on “The light of hope

  1. Hey! Just reaching out to let you know that you’ve been nominated for the Outstanding Blogger Award. Congratulations 👏👏. * If your site is award-free, I completely understand and just want you to know that I truly admire your work.❤️

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