When the whole sky is yours, why do you choose to be trapped in the “world wide web”?

Writing Prompt Eight https://creativewritingink.co.uk/writing-prompts/#
Knowledge is wealth,
If ignorance gives
What do you choose?
The choice is up to
You have to be a
strong winged bird
that sings aloud.

When the whole sky is
Why do you choose
to be trapped in the
"world wide web"?
Never forget that life
is an adventure.

Today’s youth live in 
an altered idea of
social life,
created with the help
of social media which
seems to be a real
parallel universe.

Social media gives you 
a fun way
to see the perfect,
bright life and to
interact with
your peers instead of
seeing them in person.

It gives youth a place
to express
themselves in a way
that a public place
wouldn’t allow us to.

Before technology, 
young people were
exploring the
outside world in the
midst of nature 
with their
parents and friends.

The next generation
who spends
most of their time on
social media 
have no idea of what
they’re missing.

By chasing validation 
by strangers,
which is a waste of
time, money and energy
in the name of

Don't follow fake
who can't face reality 
which affects your
mental health.

Social media should be
the reason to bring the
world closer.


Kamala Belagur..

17 thoughts on “When the whole sky is yours, why do you choose to be trapped in the “world wide web”?

    1. Thank you for reading and sharing your views my dear friend..
      What we need is knowledge which leads us from From the darkness of ignorance to the light of hope, and nurtures our real strength to face the challenges,not the feeling of insecurity and fear. 

      We have done great things, not better.

      We are all the way to the moon, but have trouble crossing the road to meet a new neighbor.

      We have learned to run, but not to wait.

      We build more computers to have more iinformation, less communication. More conveniences, less time. 

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  1. Well said Akka 🙂 Especially since classes are all online and sitting in front of mobile/computer whole day for almost a year, even little kids are attracted to what is seen in social media instead of looking into earth and see the wonders of plants, flowers, butterflies, birds, trees, sky, moon, sun, and stars.

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    1. Beautiful write up Krishna, Thanks for sharing your views..
      Children who spend time in the natural world are calm, more comfortable with themselves and with others.
      growing with nature can help children loneliness, decision making issues, obesity and more. This should be our concern for the future of our children tomorrow.. 😊

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