Make a change, Make a difference..

Prompt One.
Life in reality is
I don't want to live
in loneliness,
waiting for good days

It doesn’t matter
how I feel.
Instead,I want change,
I need a change.

To believe in people
is,A dignity;
A roadmap to bring
society,closer in
these difficult
and unexpected times..

Things are never perfect,
But every single change
a bold step towards
making things better..

Instead of giving a
few coins, 
Give the time to listen
to me, 
And the helping hand
with a few kind
provide encouragement..

I ask your gentle touch
and the warmth
of your hand, 
It gives me the hope
for life to survive.

Having more and more
won’t change you as a
Every change has to
bring about a move
toward perfection..

Start with small
changes to make your
world just a little
Anyone can do it,
Make a change, Make a
With love..

10 thoughts on “Make a change, Make a difference..

  1. “I ask your gentle touch
    and the warmth
    of your hand,
    It gives me the hope
    for life to survive.”. – Beautiful and thought-provoking lines Kamala. The best message for the present day is ‘Make a change, make a difference with love’.

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  2. Reblogged this on MiddleoftheHeart and commented:
    love arises from the ethic of caring of entering into relationships with others and acting on the basis of our unspoken conviction to them, as if their lives were our own, being sufficiently different to love this way is being sufficiently different to make a difference. simple, if you let yourself love yourself too. love is amazing, love is amazingly different too and you already know it. try……

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