The lost pursuer amidst the sand dunes.

Writing Prompt Two
Nature may do its best
to stop mankind.
But man will not stop,
With greater freedom of

In the blazing sun,
Eternal Sands,
Far and wide,a vast
Sea of magnificent
Sand dunes showcase the
unique patterns.
Lost amidst the sand
making footprints in
the sand
Are you a pursuer or 
a traveler?

Travelers come and go,
Their footprints
blown away in the Sea
of sand.
your own eyes deceives
you by the vision of
Only when in constant
Expect a miracle..

Desert is not a
But a severe adverse
reflected the heat of
Focus on your safety
and the signs ahead.

Be inspired,keep
trying,when nature
surrounds you with
Can reach the destination.

Kamala Belagur.

13 thoughts on “The lost pursuer amidst the sand dunes.

  1. Reblogged this on MiddleoftheHeart and commented:
    it’s a no go, go journey

    enter this place and find your feet,
    defeated, no game, broken brain,
    never to be the same,
    decide, decision, derision,
    sufficiently different to make a difference with love,
    last night of days to end all days,
    openness closed,
    no blink of an eye,
    a heart in heat that’s frozen,
    zigzag sand blasts, raised ridges that do not speak but feel the heat at the soles of your feet,
    tongue tied, tongue tight, in a heart with might,
    scorched earth scorching,
    do tell or go to hell,
    stand tall, stand straight,
    or suck it up,
    don’t stand at all,
    last things first and first things last,
    relinquished, diminished, laughable,
    nothing else is new,
    exhausted numbness thwarted,
    non-arrival arrivals enter this place,
    and find your feet and let your heart speak.

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      1. As with music, heart listening and light learning is always, call + response, my words have no meaning except in response to your words…. this is the beauty of a journey with no destination…. like anyone who walks into the dessert or sails the oceans, it’s the only in the void in ourselves where we meet ourselves. Grace and loving-kindness will always present a guide, beit albatross or nomad, Angel or Ghoul each has something to teach, if one is open to learning.

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