Good vibes are not always good..

Writing Prompt Seven
Spring morning is 
here so beautiful and
The blue sky has made
it a paradise,
except for those who
mourn with the coffin.

Good vibes are not
always good.
Every day we are losing
people we care
We can't even mourn
for them.
Our days are in an
atmosphere of fear.

As if embroiled in a
malicious nightmare,
We locked ourselves
inside for the
foreseeable future.

As human beings,
there is a reason for
our feelings
We will never know the
true value of little
things until it becomes
a memory.

We need to motivate
ourselves to
be positive to face
this uncertain and
challenging time.
Kamala Belagur.

16 thoughts on “Good vibes are not always good..

  1. Beautiful… I agree, good vibes are only good if they are being truly felt… in which case they are perfectly ok… but we also need to give ourselves space and allowance to grieve whatever we need to grieve, in our own way. That is always a challenge… but worth the effort. And yes, balancing that with motivating ourselves to be positive in spite of whatever feels like its crushing us, based on our own perspective. Great poem 💗

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  2. my reply to you

    call the donkeyman,
    bring his dredger,
    bring his cart,
    for collection and disposal,
    several broken hearts,
    relieved of life’s hardwork blisters,
    this patomine will end,
    the search for self perfection,
    lays tossed and strewn around,
    abandoned rainbows,
    dew drops drowned,
    in sunken boats silence is the sound,
    like muted bird song at dawn in spring

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