The lost pursuer amidst the sand dunes.

Nature may do its bestto stop mankind.But man will not stop,With greater freedom ofmind.In the blazing sun,Endless,unboundedEternal Sands,Far and wide,a vast Sea of magnificent Sand dunes showcase theunique patterns.    Lost amidst the sanddunes, making footprints inthe sandAre you a pursuer or a traveler?Travelers come and go,Their footprints blown away in the Seaof sand.your own eyes deceivesyou by the vision ofmirages.Only […]

Make a change, Make a difference..

Life in reality isdifficult,I don’t want to livein loneliness, waiting for good daysIt doesn’t matter how I feel.Instead,I want change, I need a change.To believe in peopleis,A dignity;A roadmap to bringsociety,closer inthese difficult and unexpected times..Things are never perfect,But every single changea bold step towardsmaking things better..Instead of giving a few coins, Give the time to […]

When the whole sky is yours, why do you choose to be trapped in the “world wide web”?

Knowledge is wealth,If ignorance givespleasure,What do you choose?The choice is up toyou.You have to be astrong winged bird that sings aloud.When the whole sky isyours,Why do you chooseto be trapped in the”world wide web”?Never forget that lifeis an adventure.Today’s youth live in an altered idea ofsocial life, created with the helpof social media whichseems to be a realparallel […]

The light of hope

Life is stuck in thedark,Fear fights logic witha regressive mindset.Fear robs your precioustime.You are not aloneHope for tomorrow’sblissful morning andleave all the painbehind.When things don’t goaccording to your plan,Follow the path of hopeBecause life livesamong hope..If there is a tunnelthere’s always light at the end.No matter how dark it is, life shines again,delivers you toyour […]

Eternal light is beyond our desires..

In the midst of thedarkness of the night,we have many stars tolight up our path.Sky smiles back at us.Stars patiently expresstheir presence,The moon wants to bebehind the cloud, amidst the glitter ofthe stars.  May be he wants thedeep darkness aroundhim.Light at night can be asymbol of life onearth,  meaning “the end of thenight.”But darkness proclaimsand nurtures our truewisdom.We need darkness forsuch […]

Accept the gift and grace of nature..

Scattered pink flowersare welcoming,On the way to thebride’s life.Perfume from thethousands of rose petals thatsurround her, With a breeze brings anew lease of life. Her gentle nature ismirrored with pleasant, softshades.. Accept the gift andgrace of nature,Death and life arecontinuous ..A flower leaves itspride, And fulfills itspurpose of life bygiving, passers-by a sense ofhappiness with its scent.The rose petals aretrying to conveythat a flowers […]

Let’s unite, create a safe world.

Let’s unite,create asafe world, For the future of ourchildren.Come let’s pledge toplant trees.Let’s make our planetclean and pollutionfree.. Our nature could be onthe brink ofextinction,if we don’tdo something.As you move forwardwith your life, Be sure to save thetrees that save life.Let’s use the gift ofGod to enjoy,to protectand to preserve, but not to waste..Hear our mother Earth,When she pleads […]

Just live your life and prove them wrong..

Mistakes are just apage of life.If you recognize thatthis fear of makingmistakes is just afeeling,You can rewrite the newchapter with fullconfidence..Stressful thoughts,worries and fears havebeen living in everyhuman mind since thedawn of time..The feeling ofinsecurity and fear canhinder your path tosuccess.You must learn toconvert defeat intovictory, Even after falling ahundred times..You should thank, thegriefs and sorrows […]

The mirror of the battered mind of a bird that cannot fly…

A window iswaiting with an openheart..Waiting for theinvitation of the firstray of the morning sun;Waiting for the goldendream of creation to come true…The dream world which looks out ofthe window,is capturedin the girl’s eye…There is nothing wrong with the window.But what about beingstuck behind these bars?..The inner realities oflife, they are not sosimple;The mirror of thebattered mind of a […]

The lie is beautiful..It has no legs.. Lies have no Legs. Also, it has no head, no body, No existence at all.Just null,and empty. Lie has no past,There is no future..Beautiful lies,Bitter in taste..The hard-earned wealth of truth,Spend firstThen enjoy life..Lying is just debt,To the desire ofmomentary happinessYou pay for life..The secret to success lies in avoiding those beautiful lies,that humbles yourspirit,And breaks you down..Instead of living the lie […]