The lie is beautiful..It has no legs.. Lies have no Legs. Also, it has no head, no body, No existence at all.Just null,and empty. Lie has no past,There is no future..Beautiful lies,Bitter in taste..The hard-earned wealth of truth,Spend firstThen enjoy life..Lying is just debt,To the desire ofmomentary happinessYou pay for life..The secret to success lies in avoiding those beautiful lies,that humbles yourspirit,And breaks you down..Instead of living the lie […]

ಥೋಂಡಿ ಮುಥಲಮ್ ದೃಕ್ಸಾಕ್ಷಿಯಂ(The Exhibits and the Eye Witness) ಚಿತ್ರ ವಿಮರ್ಶೆ..

ನಾನು ಹಾಟ್ ಸ್ಟಾರ್ ನಲ್ಲಿ  ಥೋಂಡಿ ಮುಥಲಮ್ ದೃಕ್ಸಾಕ್ಷಿಯಂ (ದಿ ಎಕ್ಸಿಬಿಟ್ಸ್ ಮತ್ತು ಐ ವಿಟ್ನೆಸ್) ಚಿತ್ರ ನೋಡಿದೆ. ಈ ಚಿತ್ರವು ಮೂರು ರಾಷ್ಟ್ರೀಯ ಚಲನಚಿತ್ರ ಪ್ರಶಸ್ತಿಗಳು, ಎರಡು ಕೇರಳ ರಾಜ್ಯ ಚಲನಚಿತ್ರ ಪ್ರಶಸ್ತಿಗಳು, ನಾಲ್ಕು ಫಿಲ್ಮ್ಫೇರ್ ಪ್ರಶಸ್ತಿಗಳನ್ನು  ಪಡೆದಿದೆ. ಭಾಷೆ: ಮಲಯಾಳಂ.ನಿರ್ದೇಶಕ: ದಿಲೀಶ್ ಪೋಥನ್.ಪಾತ್ರವರ್ಗ: ಫಹಾದ್ ಫಾಸಿಲ್, ನಿಮಿಷಾ ಸಜಯನ್. ನಾಯಕಿ ಶ್ರೀಜಾ ಅವರ ತಂದೆ ಈ ಮದುವೆಗೆ ನಿರಾಕರಿಸಿದ ಕಾರಣಕ್ಕೆ ಪ್ರಸಾದ್ ಮತ್ತು ಶ್ರೀಜಾ ಮದುವೆಯ ನಂತರ ಕಾಸರಗೋಡಿಗೆ ತೆರಳುತ್ತಾರೆ,  ಪ್ರಸಾದ್ ಮತ್ತು ಶ್ರೀಜಾ […]

“Lighthouse,the Ray of Hope”

Standing firmly,beach statue, Glowing in the dark,forthe purpose, A guiding light forall.You are awesome..In the darkness between the waves ofthe deep sea,you stand day andnight,spreading light andhappiness to others..Leading everyone,Not the destination.Not a decision,just one supportTo the confused boat..Witnessed many secretsand mysteries,You are always open tothe ocean..your rays of hope leadthe world,From the darkness of […]


Friends, I am very excited to say that I have reached 200+ followings. And I am grateful to you all amazing blogger friends.  My heartfelt thanks for your appreciation, comments and responses that inspired me to write more . Thank you.. Stay happy and blessed. 🙏😊💐 Kamala Belagur.

Certificate of Appreciation Awarded by ‘Story Mirror’.

Friends..I would like to share with you the details of “SeedhiBaat“ poetry and Story award by ‘story mirror‘.. StoryMirror in collaboration with IIFL Finance presents #SeedhiBaat – a contest that intends to spread the importance of “SeedhiBaat“ in terms of commitment, honesty, transparency and valuing relationships. Always hope for your support. Thank you all..🙏😊 Kamala Belagur.

You have changed a lot…Like nature has reborn..

COVID-19..You are so cruel,You have surrounded andterrified mankind,have attacked us with the touchof death without warning.You are killing everything,be it life,happiness or economy..Life is more troublesome than death.You have snatched our happydays.Fear alone rules the earth,itfreezes our minds,and forces us to stay at home,where safety is our firstpriority..We make up our minds to fight,Wear masks,Staying […]

“Please stay on trial, Stay with us.”

I am happy when I’m in nature’scompanion,Especially among the trees..And I never want to go to theoutside world..Walking slowly with naturemakes me feel like talking totrees.Come to nature,wander thetrails,make friends in thewoods and listen to the breeze.When your heart hurts,Come home to recover when yoursoul needs recovery..The roads say nothing.The faded footprint does notleave the […]

Life is beautiful..

With my disabled body  and mind,  I’m tired of everything..  I just want a meaningful life.. It seems to me that we are  both alone. It is pleasing to the mind to share  the grief in silence,  When there are no words  to express.. Life is beautiful with a  beautiful soul like you and  your […]

यह क्या है ?,माँ ..आपका जादू …

Image Credit – Photo by Google. यह क्या है ?,माँ.. आपका जादू.. संरक्षक माता महामाया दुनिया की माँ … तेरा ममतामय गोद प्यार भरा .. अमीर -गरीब; बलिदान -भोग; इसमें कोई फर्क नही है.. सब लोग हँसते हैं तुम्हारे असीम प्रेम में। यह क्या है?, माँ.. आपका जादू … अपार प्रेम। तुम्हारा घर आकाश तक है […]